A man rides his Fiido C21 ebike amidst mountain scenery.

Is It Reliable to Buy Ebikes Online?

Electric bikes are taking the world by storm. Commuters, day trippers, small business owners, and people from all walks of life are starting to see...
Woman riding Fiido X electric bike on a boardwalk.

Are Electric Bikes Safe?

With the extra power from the motor, some people may think electric bikes are dangerous. This is understandable, as electric bikes accelerate faste...
Rider on a Fiido Titan electric bike, tackling off-road trails.

What Is a Class 2 Electric Bike?

With transport within the city center becoming more challenging due to congestion and rising costs, people are adopting electric bikes as an altern...
Woman riding a Fiido C11 electric bicycle on the road

Are Electric Dirt Bikes Street Legal?

Electric bikes are fantastic machines that make riding more manageable and more accessible. But there's a new trend of electric dirt bikes becoming...
Man and Fiido D11 electric bike by the bridge

How to Choose an Electric Bike- Fiido

The best electric bikes perfectly fit in with the rider's needs. Each electric bike manufacturer does its best to design their products with featur...
Woman rides Fiido X electric bike on the street

Are Electric Bikes Worth It?

Electric bikes are becoming one of the primary modes of transport in cities. Commuters are starting to see the benefits of leaving their cars at ho...
Man riding a Fiido T2 electric bicycle carrying camping tools

How to Remove the Speed Limiter on an Electric Bike

The power of an electric bike is addictive, especially when you blast up steep hills twice as fast as you usually would. However, an electric bike'...
Man and woman riding Fiido C11 electric bikes on a bridge

The Difference Between Front & Rear-Wheel Drive Ebikes

Electric bikes are becoming more prevalent on our streets and off-road trails. Their convenience, efficiency, and entertainment value make them one...
A man rides a Fiido T2 electric bicycle with two children

How to Build an Electric Bike

How To Build An Electric Bike Electric bikes have given people an alternative way of getting around and having fun. You may have an old bike at hom...
Fiido X electric bike on the road

How Much Do Electric Bikes Weigh?

How Much Do Electric Bikes Weigh? Electric bikes weigh more than regular bikes thanks to the extra components fitted to them. The weight of an elec...
Woman riding Fiido T1pro electric bike on the street

Where Can I Buy an Electric Bike?

Where Can I Buy An Electric Bike? With so many options, deciding which electric bike to buy can take time and effort. We also need to discover wher...
Man riding Fiido C21 electric bike on the street

What Is An Electric Bike?

What Is An Electric Bike? The electric bike is very much like a regular bike, but it has some key differences. In this article, we will answer the ...
Can You Ride an Electric Bike in the Rain?

Can You Ride an Electric Bike in the Rain?

As electric bikes gain popularity for both commuting and leisure, a common concern among prospective and current owners is their performance in we...