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Holiday Season Sales

Ride with the Spirit of Champions!
Save Up to 1000€ on Fiido E-Bikes.

Fiido Air

Seize the Super Early-Bird Savings - Unlock Up to €1000 OFF
the Award-Winning Fiido Air Carbon Fiber E-Bike

Fiido T2

Carry Memories and Cargo:
Fiido T2 Longtail eBike, Perfect for Family Adventures!

Fiido C11

Reliable & Stylish: Grab the Fiido C11 for only €899!

Fiido Titan

The perfect fat tire E-bike

Why Choose Fiido?

Unbeatable offers from our site, delivered factory-to-door, with exceptional value for money
Outstanding service, hassle-free from order to arrival
Winner of the prestigious IF and Red Dot Design Awards

A great ride for a great price.

The Fiido company is a fast-growing Ebike brand.

Beautiful, well-built, incredible e-bike for this price segment.

The E-bike For People Who Say They’ll Never Get An E-bike

It's something that commuters will love riding daily.

Artistic   Innovative
Extraordinary Riding Experience

Artistic design, innovation, and delivering an extraordinary riding experience are the essential factors Fiido prioritized in crafting every E-bike — this forms the distinctive label for Fiido E-bikes.
Designed For All Riding Conditions
Riders All Around the World
SSL Encrypted Payments
Warranty and Guarantee
Riders Reviews
Fast Customer Service
30-Day Return
Fast and Free Domestic Shipping

Fiido APP

Far Beyond Unlocking and Managing Your Bike. It's Your Connection to the Fiido Community!

Far Beyond Unlocking and Managing Your Bike. It's Your Connection to the Fiido Community!

Facebook Group
Join the active Fiido Facebook community, a vibrant hub for sharing ideas, discovering the latest updates, and engaging with real users.
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How-to Videos You may Need

Fiido E-gravel unboxing video
Fiido T1 Pro unboxing video
Fiido X unboxing video
Fiido M1 Pro unboxing video

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