Fiido Kidz Electric Balance Bike

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The first safety e-bike with parental control on this planet.
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Parental Control
Changable riding mode and max speed from the parents' phone.
Light but Strong
15.9lbs(7.2kg) body carrying a max 176.4lbs(80kg) payload.
Three Riding Modes
Pushing, power-assist and full throttle modes for kids from toddlers to preschoolers.
Smooth Riding
Combining Toothed Motor and clutch, changeable 3.1-7.4MPH (5-12 km/h) max speed, resistance-free even without power output.
Fiido Kidz - More Than For Kids
Write Your Own Family Story of Love & Courage
The Fiido Kidz comes with a wealth of features and safety settings that enhance the riding experience for children, adding an extra layer of fun. This not only contributes to happier family moments but also creates lasting, joyous memories. The Fiido Kidz isn't just a bike; it's an invitation for kids to embark on thrilling adventures, fostering confidence in facing uncertainties in their lives.
A Sturdy Bond to Family
Setting an example to serve as a model? We've got you covered! With a maximum payload of 80 kg, adults can confidently sit on the Fiido Kidz and guide the little ones on how to operate everything. You can even race with your loved ones on this little bike and share laughter along the way.
Big Innovation in A Little Difference
Three Riding Modes, Triple The Fun
Did you ever dream back of the time when you got your driver's license? The same goes for Fiido Kidz! For Learner's Kids, we have a pushing mode that allows children to push their bikes with their legs. For Provisional Kids, we offer a power-assist to provide them with a lot of fun using leg power before going fully-operational. After that, for skilled kids, we have a full-throttle mode to drive fast!
Learn Fast by Pulse Assist
In the realm between non-powered traditional balance bikes and full-throttle moto-style kids e-bikes, Fiido introduces a pulse-assist pushing mode. In this mode, the Fiido Kidz can detect and measure the pushing power from your kids, providing a power assist for a few seconds. It's not about being lazy; these little ones need to push the bike before engaging the motor. This way, they can learn how to maintain balance by themselves.
How to ride? Parents decide.
Unlike others who merely offer an app for turning the bike on or off, our app allows you to adjust intricate settings on the bike. You have the flexibility to modify detailed settings, including power-assisted time, maximum speed, and the option to enable or disable the throttle. We've gone the extra mile to ensure a hassle-free experience, providing you with more than just a sense of control to keep your loved ones safe.
Resistance-free Riding, Even Without Electricity
When considering toddlers, who are typically novice riders on two-wheelers, a non-powered mode is ideal for their initial rides. Some might assume that pushing would be challenging due to resistance from the motor, especially for 2-year-olds. However, that's not the case with Fiido Kidz. Thanks to the Fiido Kidz combining the clutch and the toothed motor, provides a smooth ride even the power turned off. Making children to know it is never too hard to start a new adventure.
Full Throttle for Talented Kids
We are continually amazed by how quickly children learn and grow. Don't let their talent go to waste; encourage them to develop habits and interests outdoors. Once your kids grasp the concept of balance, a standard strider might lose their appeal. Enable the thumb throttle for them, allowing them to start racing through parks and meadows, reaching for the white clouds and the blue sky. Be the first one to cross the finish line among the other kids.
Lift It Up With One Finger
Weighing in at just 7.2 kg, it's a breeze for kids to pick up, even in tricky situations, without any tears or fuss. And for those longer journeys, adults can effortlessly hoist it into the trunk, giving your little ones the freedom to explore farther on your trips and feel more confident in overcoming difficulties.
Fully Charged To Glide day
Even adults can enjoy riding the Fiido Kidz, engaging the throttle and playing for 1-2 hours. Children, being lighter, may not always use the throttle or power-assist. No need to worry about range anxiety, but remember to bring water and snacks to keep your kids energized.
The Best First Bike Lifelong
It's more than just a bike; it marks the beginning of cultivating a habit or lifestyle on two wheels. With a more innovative and stylish riding experience compared to other balance bikes, Fiido Kidz makes cycling captivating for kids, prompting them to spend more time outdoors instead of being glued to screens. It also serves as a channel for them to make friends. It's not merely a gift; it's a lifelong tutor shaping the experiences of young lives.

Technical Specifications

MODEL Fiido Kidz  
APP Control  Max Speed, Power-assisting Length, throttle on/off, power on/off
Size in mm  910*490*600
Saddle Height in mm  390-440
Weight   7.2kg  
Max Payload 80kg
Age Requirement 2+
Rider's Height 90cm-150cm(2.9'-4.9')
Frame Meterial Aluminum Alloy
Braking System Power Cut-off Drum Brakes
Riding Mode Pulse Assist/Full Throttle/Pushing
Drive Rear Wheel Drive
Max Speed Changable 3.1~7.4MPH (5Km/h~12km/h)
Certifications CPSC,EMC,ROHS,UN38.3,MSDS
Tire Pressure 240~310kPa (35~45psl)
Motor Toothed With Clutch


What’s In The Box?

User Manual*1
Allen Key*1

Customer Reviews

The First Electric Bike for Kids — Awesome!

Customer Reviews

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hana deng

La qualità è molto buona, ai miei bambini piace moltissimo, grazie!

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