Best E-bikes for Holiday Season 2023

It's never been a better time to buy e-bikes than now, with a plethora of new models entering the market, each equipped with the latest technology. During the holiday season, most, if not all, well-known brands offer the best deals. This makes it an ideal time to choose a meaningful gift, whether for winter enjoyment or looking ahead to spring. Fiido’s E-bikes cater to a variety of needs at different levels.


Compared to other brands, Fiido stands out with its stylish and even luxurious design, high-quality components, exceptional craftsmanship, and an extraordinary riding experience. Most importantly, Fiido offers these features at affordable prices, making them a practical choice for various needs, whether it's commuting or recreational riding.


Innovative Urban Foldable

Fiido X €1.799,00 €1.299,00 

Everyone who rode the Fiido X came away impressed, even if they weren’t sure why.

-William Roberson from Forbes

If you're seeking a unique way to travel around the city, the Fiido X would be your ideal choice. Boasting a distinctive frame and a cordless battery design, it offers features you won't find anywhere else. Additionally, the inclusion of a torque sensor and smartphone connectivity significantly enhances both your riding experience and convenience.


Powerful Utility with 150km range

Fiido T1 Pro €1.699,00  €1.499,00


With a very impressive range, a range of gear and speed settings, lots of cool features that let you load it up for bikepacking trips, a huge carrying capacity and a nice stealthy paint finish,


Are you in search of one bike that meets all your riding needs? Look no further than the Fiido T1 Pro. Equipped with a super large battery, a 750W powerful motor, and fat tires, this bike is designed to tackle any terrain. Its LED headlight and versatile design also make it an excellent choice for daily errands.


"For People Who Say They’ll Never Get An E-bike"

Fiido E-Gravel €1.799,00 €1.199,00

For those looking for a capable but low-profile e-bike with sharp style and good road manners, the new Fiido C21 certainly seems to fit the bill.

-William Roberson from Forbes

This is the perfect choice for those who've said they would never get an e-bike, as it resembles a normal commuter bike. Weighing in at just 17.5 kg, it's also equipped with a torque sensor, a unique IPS display, and a proximity start feature, all designed to make your urban rides more stylish and enjoyable.


Robust Long Runner

Fiido Titan €1699 (New Arrival) 

Titan is a fat-tire bike, massive and bulky and, because of this, ideal for whatever adventures you have in mind both in and especially outside of the city.

-Elena Gorgan from autoevolution

Love road trips? The newly arrived Fiido Titan is a game-changer, boasting a full tank range of 400km thanks to its integrated extender battery combo. Furthermore, its 4-piston hydraulic brakes, one-piece wheels, and strong frame make the bike exceptionally robust, setting a new standard in durability.


Urban & Occasional off-roads

Fiido M1 Pro €1099 €899

The M1 is an unusual beast. It’s a folding, electric bike with compact wheels that has proper off-road aspirations.

- Jim Martin from techadvisor

If you're seeking a bike suitable for occasional off-road adventures and one that can be folded into a car trunk, the Fiido M1 Pro is exactly what you need. Most importantly, it offers all these features at an affordable price, costing under $1000.


Stylish and Affordable

Fiido D11 €1099 €799 

 The Fiido D11 ticks all the boxes: it’s available for as little as $799, has a claimed range of up to 100km, and folds into a tiny transportable package. It also looks nice.

- Thomas Ricker from theverge

Experience Fiido's unique design without breaking the bank. For only $799, you can own a stylish bike featuring Fiido’s distinct frame design and innovative seat tube battery. Stand out from the ordinary without overspending.


Super Budget for Starters

Fiido D3 Pro - €599 399 

The Smallest e-Bike With the Best Value for Money

- Elena Gorgan from autoevolution

An e-bike for only $399? Yes, Fiido has made it possible! At just half the price of a typical bike, riders can now experience the thrill and excitement of an e-bike without a hefty price tag.

There has never been a better time to get an e-bike than now. So don’t just look, own, and evolute your ride today!

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